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Laser Therapy: An Effective Method to Get Rid of Your Facial and Body Hair
by Rachel Stepsen

Laser hair removal of unwanted facial and body hair has
proved to be quite popular. Unwanted hair on the face or
body afflicts both men and women. It is an embarrassment in
a largely fuzz-free society.

We are constantly bombarded with advertisements and media
snippets of beautiful women with silky smooth skin and bare
chest men. The pressure is tremendous to present a well-
groomed look.

Removing the hair poses problems because each method of
hair removal such as plucking, threading, waxing, lotions
and electrolysis has its advantages and disadvantages.
Laser hair removal overcomes some of the disadvantages of
traditional methods of hair removal and provides a safe and
lasting solution for the problem of unwanted hair.

Waxing and shaving are some of the age-old methods used to
remove hair. Waxing can be painful and can cause skin
irritation. Shaving encourages re-growth of hair. Moreover,
the re-grown hairs are harder and darker. Hair removal
creams are pain-free but they cannot be used on sensitive
skin. None of the above methods provides long lasting
solutions against the unwanted hair.

Electrolysis scores in this regard but it can be a painful,
time-consuming and expensive method. Laser hair removal of
facial and body hair can overcome these disadvantages. This
is the reason why most of the renowned cosmetologists
prefer laser hair removal to other methods of removing
unwanted hair.

Laser removal of facial and body hair is long lasting,
unlike traditional methods as waxing, shaving and hair
removal creams. Laser hair removal is not painful. Most
customers have described the feeling after laser hair
removal to be like a 'tingling' sensation or a 'small

Side effects of laser hair removal method are very rare and
no visible irritation of the skin is seen for most people.
The costs of laser hair removal vary from individual to
individual. It is dependent on factors such as the amount
of hair to be removed, type of hair growth and the area

Laser hair removal of facial and body hair is safe, clean,
simple and quicker than most hair removal methods. Laser
hair removal can be used on any part of the body. The time
required for the treatment would vary from a few minutes to
a few hours.

For larger body areas, several sessions of a few hours each
may be required. Laser treatment works best when the hair
is in the anagen or active growth phase. This may not be
the case all the time for all the hair, thus requiring more
than one session.
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Rachel Stepsen suffered hair loss from her mid-20's. In an
effort to find treatment, Rachel learned all there is to
know about hair. Although she tried to prevent hair loss,
she also learned all about hair removal. She's written a
series of articles to help others learn about hair, and
permanent hair removal

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